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Pest and Animal Control

Don't let insects, pests, and other unwanted small animals invade and damage your home or business. Call the experts at WardOff & Son Exterminating and Small Animal Control for our effective pest control services for your residential or commercial property.

We Treat All Of These And More

Ant . Bat Exclusions . Beaver . Bed Bugs . Bees . Birds

Box Elder Bugs . Carpenter Ants . Carpenter Bees

Carpet Beetles . Caterpillars . Centipedes

Cicada Killers . Citronella Ants . Clover Mites

Crickets . Earwigs . Fleas . Flies . Grain Beetles

Ground Bees . Groundhogs . Pillbugs . Possum

Raccoons . Rats . Roaches . Silverfish . Skunks

Small Animals . Small Wildlife . Snakes . Snakes

Spiders . Squirrel Exclusions . Stink Bugs . Termites

Wasps . Water Bugs and much more!

Termite Control...We Can Handle This For You

Are you seeing damage to your property or are you just needing to protect your valuable asset from the destruction of termites?  We are here to help and give you that long lasting peace of mind.

Building a new home or business, our pre-construction termite treatments will help keep termites out for years to come. We directly treat the soil to prevent termite infestations from occurring, giving you peace of mind for your new residential or commercial property.

We treat both homes and businesses with the TOP RATED Termidor SC and Termidor HE treatments for the most effective termite control possible.

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